Aug. 14, 2020: As of today, there is a age requirement for membership registration, and complimentary services; such as, free moon sign readings. Please do not register an account or request any services unless you are 21 years of age and older. Thank you.

July 26, 2020: The video player is now featuring a video from, "Nahko and Medicine for the People" on the forum and group pages. Stay tuned for videos that promote different aspects of this site's main theme of health and wellness, and also promote the site's original content and features.

June 9, 2020:

A few updates regarding the site's content and features. The background music player has been removed. If you would like this feature reinstated please leave a message in the feedback form. Also the "General Notices" page is now the "Updates" tab on the main menu. The "Terms of Use" and "Privacy" notices are still located in the dropdown list on the "Notices" tab. Last but not least there is a new item on the main menu, the "Paypal Checkout" page. This page features a sale item from "Natural Eccentricity" that is available for sale. You can purchase this item using paypal, credit/debit cards, or any other cards listed on the menu.

May 19, 2020:

Hello Viewer! Exciting new videos on crystal healing,
aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and spirituality in the video library_check them out!

May 4, 2020:

Three New Groups have been added to the site and available since April 14th, 2020; "Happy And Holistic", "Focused On Feng Shui", and "Rising Masters Of Reiki". Visit any of these communities today!

July 27, 2020: Attention viewers. If you are interested in having your talent acknowledged publicly, become a contributor on this site. As a contributor you will have special privledges to upload and edit site content. This is not a paid position, but it will help get your talent recognized online. If you are a retailer of any literary or visual work, I am willing to negotiate the sales of your items on my site. Contact me with your offer at;

July 7, 2020: The "Shop Amazon Pages" are no longer featured on the site. They may be reinstated at a later date.

June 5, 2020

Request for live moon sign readings are now being accepted. Visit the "readings" page for complete details.

May 18, 2020:

This post is to confirm a change made to the viewable version of the site on mobile devices. The previous version was supposed to make viewing content and access to features easier. However, it didn't transfer important features onto the mobile site. I have since applied the desktop version of the site so that all content and features can be accessed and viewed with comfort and ease. 

May 4, 2020:

The video display on the group and forum pages will be reinstated soon!